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Kicker trips

A visit to Österby
Want to get out of sight? In that case, we must head towards Noarootsi. Let us take the kicksleds to Österby and have a cup of some delightfully warm tea. We will take a look at the coast of  Noarootsi, learn some Coastal Swedish words and perhaps we will be lucky enough to spot a wild  fox lurking in the bulrushes.

Full kicker trips to the Bays of Tagalaht and Tahulaht
The great sea captains call the Bay of Tagalaht a puddle. Even Peter the Great once got stuck with his fleet in the farthest lough of the bay, and the coastal bird people sneered at that. And right they were! This is not the place to go meddling with a big boat. The water kingdom here is shallow, casts an icy coat on its shoulders at the early signs of winter and holds on to it with all its might in the spring. The sledders see things from a different angle, because for them these waters are an exciting playground they can explore from the first days of tender ice to the last moments of winter.

Creativity on the move
This package deal is absolutely ideal for families. We will take the classic Finnish kicksled (children on the chair seats) to the island of Kajakarahu, make a snow or reed hut for the kids, and organize fun games and competitions with the game master.

Örms Ö and the Rocking Horse
Kicker trips for the die-hard sledders – far on the horizon, the eye spots the Vormsi island and the Hobulaid islet. Oh, the stories these two could tell! We will speed through the wide frozen expanse of water to Vormsi full of ancient whispers, have a bite to eat, share mysterious stories about the island snakes, and then kick our way back home.
The starting point of the trip will be chosen to fit everyone’s stamina.

Rent a kicksled

Go ahead!
Maybe you have neither the time nor the desire to join us? No worries, we have thought about you as well – choose your own direction, a suitable spacetime and go ahead and kick your way to the Jupiter if you need to! We will give you the instructions and the equipment necessary for the journey.

Rent a kicksled: 1 hour – 5 € / 1 day – 10 €

Opening times: Monday – Saturday / 09.00 – 21.00

Address: Haapsalu, Väike-Viigi 10a