Useful information!


  • The trips take place with groups of 6-20 people. In case of a larger group, a 3-day notification period is required. Price upon agreement.
  • The package deals are suitable for everyone from ten years of age. For the little ones, we have kicksleds with chair seats and shorter trips.
  • The package deals include a kicksled, tour guide service and equipment (ice spikers and awls).
  • The pace of the trip depends on the participants. Stops can be made during the trip so that we can turn our faces towards the sky and seek for universal truth.
  • Wear warm windproof clothes, a winter hat that protects your ears, and thick woolen socks on your feet. Top them off with quality winter boots and make sure not to forget mittens and a scarf. A backpack is essential for keeping your personal belongings. When the frost bites really hard, it is wise to carry extra clothing for the picnic. But when the thaw hits, a pair of rubber boots and woolen socks are a must!

Rent a kicksled

  • The “Go ahead!” rent includes a kicksled, ice spikers and awls, a rope and a whistle, and instructions for the hikers.
  • Payment before receiving the equipment.
  • A rental agreement will be concluded.