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Fat Burner Erfahrung

The image includes the alluvial plain on which Pasadena and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory sit, and the steep range of the San Gabriel Mountains. The mountain front and the arcuate valley running from upper left to the lower right are active fault zones, along which the mountains are rising.

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The chaparral-covered slopes above Pasadena are also a prime area for wildfires and mudslides. Hazards from earthquakes, floods and fires are intimately related to the topography in this area.

Topographic data and other remote sensing images provide valuable information for assessing and mitigating the natural hazards for cities along the front of active mountain ranges. This image combines two types of data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission.

The image brightness corresponds to the strength of the radar signal reflected from the ground, while colors show the elevation as measured by SRTM.

Fat Burner Erfahrung

Colors range from blue at the lowest elevations Uldine norkus ja kaalulangus white at the highest elevations. This image contains about meters feet of total relief. White speckles on the face of some of the mountains are holes in the data caused by steep terrain.

These will be filled using coverage from an intersecting pass.

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The mission is designed to collect three-dimensional measurements of the Earth's surface. To collect the 3-D data, engineers added a meter-long foot mast, an additional C-band imaging antenna and improved tracking and navigation devices.

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This shaded relief image was generated using topographic data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. A computer-generated artificial light source illuminates the elevation Fat Burner Erfahrung to produce a pattern of light and shadows.

Slopes facing the light appear bright, while those facing Fat Burner Erfahrung are shaded. On flatter surfaces, the pattern of light and shadows can reveal subtle features in the terrain.

Fat Burner Erfahrung

Colors show the elevation as measured by SRTM. To collect the 3-D data, engineers added a meter-long foot mast, an additional C-band imaging antenna.

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