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Summed to the offerings, the tombs abandon, dirty plus graffiti, the cemetery is in a bad condition. The sample consisted of skeletons of known Venda origin and burial registry information for black South Africans from the Rebecca Street and Mamelodi Cemeteries in Pretoria, South Africa. Elemental markers of road traffic indicated that the highest polluted cemeteries were located near the highly frequented Parisian ring road and under the influence of prevailing winds. This is particularly apt in Nigeria and indeed Rivers State where unsupervised burials are carried out in homes The first Polish medical men attended the University of Edinburgh in the 18th century. It focuses not only on the amount of damage but also in its orientation, giving information about the ground motion during the earthquake.

Sri Hartini Hartini Full Text Available Pewarna alami batik diklaim lebih ramah lingkungan dan telah terbukti menghasilkan emisi yang lebih rendah.

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Untuk itu penggunaan pewarna alam khususnya batik sangat dianjurkan. Sebuah sentra batik Laweyan di Solo telah memulai penggunaan pewarna alam sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu. Warna yang dominan digunakan adalah warna coklat karena ciri khas batik Solo yang paling banyak menggunakan warna coklat soga.

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Untuk menghasilkan warna coklat di sentra tersebut banyak pilihan bahan pewarna alam yang digunakan. Penelitian ini bermaksud mengembangkan model pemilihan alternatif bahan alam berdasarkan kriteria-kriteria yang ada.

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Tahapan dalam pemilihan yaitu menggali kriteria yang berpengaruh, melakukan pembobotan kriteria dan melakukan pembobotan pada alternatif yang ada. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode AHP dalam pengolahan data sehingga dapat diketahui bahan alam apa yang tepat untuk menghasilkan warna coklat API Fat Burner Murah dengan kriteria-kriteria yang ada. Dari hasil penelitian faktor yang berpengaruh dalam pemilihan bahan alam yaitu 4 variabel 6 kriteria API Fat Burner Murah 14 sub kriteria.

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Dari beberapa kriteria tersebut bahan alam yang terpilih adalah jalawe untuk menghasilkan warna coklat. Kata Kunci : batik, pewarna alam, analytical hierarchy process AHP, laweyan, batik tulis Abstract Natural dyes of batik has claimed to be more environmentally friendly and has been known lower emissions.

The use of natural dyes for batik especially highly recommended. A center of batik Laweyan in Solo has initiated use of natural dyes since a few years ago.

pada cemetery 12th-13th: Topics by WorldWideScience.org

The dominant colors used are brown because typical Solo batik are the most widely use soga brown color. To produce a brown color in the center of a large selection of natural dyes are used.

Ristripatsid Eesti Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden Tuuli Kurisoo Full Text Available Cross-shaped pendants are one of the most discussed symbolically laden artefacts among Estonian archaeological material. The beginning of the distribution of cross-shaped pendants dates back to 11th century when the artefacts, though scarce, appear. The number of such pendants increases noticeably at the very end of the Iron Age.

During this time they are using all these ingredients. This study intends to develop a model of natural selection of alternative materials based on existing criteria. Stages in the selection criteria, namely digging influential, weighting.

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