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The alterations are made according to the regulations operative in the University. Kohale juhatab samuti eesti keeles. Garmin Forerunner - välismaalt ostes saab alla krooniga kätte küll.

The principal task of the College is to provide higher education, organise degree and additional training, andparticipate in scientific and other activities of the University. With its activities the College supports the stateintegration policy;3.

In order to fulfil its principal task, the College;3.

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The College has its own symbols according to the regulations established by the University;5. The College is situated in the town of Narva;II. The College Council6. The College Council hereinafter the Council 6. The composition of the Council isapproved by the Rector on suggestion from the College Director;7.

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The composition of the College Council includes;7. The Vice Rector who coordinates the College work hereinafter the Vice Rector participates in Burn XT Fat Burner Arvustused Councilassemblies with the say right. The Head of the Council is the College Director. The Council secretary keeps a record at the Council assemblies. The protocol issigned by the Head of the Council and the Secretary.

The College Board of Guardians The College Board of Guardians is a counselling body that connects the College with the community.

The Rector confirms the number of the members of the Board of Guardians, duration of their authorities aswell as work regulations of the Board of Guardians. The members of the Board of Guardians are appointedby the Rector on the suggestion from the College Director.

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The Board of Guardians chooses its Chair from its members. The Board of Guardians appoints its representative in the College Council. The Board of Guardiansestablishes the election procedure.

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The Board of Guardians makes suggestions to the College Director and the Council in issues concerning theCollege development. The College Director appoints heads of the structural units, who bear responsibility for general condition anddevelopment of their units and render an account to the Director. The Study process in the College is regulated by the University regulations of the study process as well asother regulations of the field established by the University and the College Council.

The College provides higher education on the basis of curricula approved by the University Council.

The curricula for the specialities taught in the College are composed in the College. Then the curricula arepresented for approval to the councils of the corresponding faculties of the University. The UniversityCouncil finally approves the curricula. The College membership is formed by the College employees and students.

The College employees are teachers and members of the support staff working on the basis of workagreement.

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The College students are people matriculated to the specialities taught in the College. Posts of teachers are filled according to the regulations operative in the University. The College budget is adopted by the University Council. The College Council approves the budgetallocation among the structural units. The College Council has the right to make balanced alterations to the College budget approved by theUniversity Council.

The alterations are made according to the regulations operative in the University. The College may provide paid educational, research and development services. The CollegeDirector approves prices for these services. The College economic activity is controlled yearly by the person appointed by the Rector. The University Council has the right to stop or annul decisions of the College Council that are contrary to thelegal acts or irrational.

The University Council approves the College Statute and makes amendments to it on the suggestion from theCollege Council or the Vice-rector. The University Burn XT Fat Burner Arvustused re-organises or stops the activities of the College on the suggestion from the CollegeCouncil or the Vice-rector.

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The given Statute comes into force on 1 st October The development plan is an agreement that binds the interested parties for the long-term prospect. These hopes are also the basefor establishing development directions of the College.

The College development plan proceeds from the statements given inUniversity of Tartu Strategic Planstrategic documents of the Estonian educational policy and other importantstrategic acts of the state.

The development plan is the base for the yearly action plan and budget of the College. The College administration, teachers and representatives of students participated in preparation of the developmentplan.

Narva College Director Katri Raik supervised general co-ordination of the development plan. The preparationwas done in 3 workgroups: organisation of studies curricula, quality of and standards of teaching and studyingenvironment studying materials, books, informational technology, Chen Liping Kaalulangus, etc where the leader was Rafik Grigorjan;management and inner processes of organisation organisation of work between sub-units, information exchange,professional regulations, learning organisation which was managed by Marta Mugur; formation of image, publicrelations, choice of future students, project work, resources supply where the leader was Jana Tondi.

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The adviser ofthe development plan was Rivo Noorkoiv from the consultation and training centre Geomedia. Preparation of thedevelopment plan included organisation of brain storming sessions, seminars and consultations with administration ofthe University of Tartu.

There Burn XT Fat Burner Arvustused students studying at the College, of whom are full-time students. TheCollege is situated in an Estonian frontier town Narva, on the eastern border of the European Union. One thirdof the students are from Narva. The college studentsreceive academic education and broad interdisciplinary knowledge.

The curricula and scientific work of the Collegeare closely integrated with those of the University of Tartu. The College offers full-time and distant forms of learning. It also organises course ofcontinuing education, mostly training in the Russian language. Yearly over teachers from Russian and Estonianschools and kindergartens participate in these courses.

Each member of the staff does their best to handle problems asa team, to find Burn XT Fat Burner Arvustused proper solution.

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We admit our mistakes and learn from them, and we put good ideas into action. CompetenceThe College workers are qualified, best specialists in their fields who adhere to principles of life-long learning andself-perfection. They apply their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm in everyday work in order to provide students withbetter opportunities for learning.

InnovativenessThe College staff have positive attitude to life, they develop organisation, do scientific work, update curricula andorganisation of teaching.

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By meansof multicultural studying environment the College offers possibilities for connecting various groups within theEstonian society. Basing on the mission, vision andmain values of the College, strategic positions defined in University of Tartu Strategic Plan as well as otherofficial strategic documents we establish the following goals: better opportunities for learning that originate from the needs of the society high-quality studying process and contemporary studying Burn XT Fat Burner Arvustused active international cooperation learning organisationDuring Burn XT Fat Burner Arvustused college concentrates of the following strategic tasks Better opportunities for learning that originate from the needs of the society To provide the College with independent state commission.

To support teaching new courses whichintroduce multilingual school to all teachers irrespective of the language of instruction. To enrich additional training for teachers and in other directions by using multilingual curricula. To conduct researches in order to find out educational needs, to create data bases of target groups and activemarketing channels of training.

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To ensure effective cooperation with audiovisual media and publishingeditions in order to introduce events and opportunities offered by the Kas higi kaalulangus. High-quality study process and contemporary studying environment To built a new college building with a canteen, conference centre and library. To design integral professional curricula and studying materials which correspond to the needs of thesociety; and to connect these curricula and studying materials with the curricula of the University of Tartu.

To apply opportunities of e-learning. To make the College more student-centred. To extend the choice of opportunities for studying. To provide better opportunities for applying info-communicational technologies to the study process.

Toincrease the amount information about studies available on the Internet and to develop e-learning. Toincrease investment in info-communicational technology and preparation of studying materials in virtualworld. To create an effective integrated counselling and practice system forcurricula of applied higher education.

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Active International Cooperation To broaden the scientific and educational dimension of the College by using its location in theeast of the European Union on the Estonian-Russian border. By participating in international scientific and cultural cooperation networks: to bring new ideas, improvethe level of scientific work, increase usage of curricula in foreign languages as well as students and teachersexchange; to attract foreign students and to participate in scientific projects and funds of the EuropeanUnion.

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To organise summer universities. To establish a circle of strategic partners for example, alumna assembly. Learning Organisation To develop academic spirit, cultural interest and to cherish traditions of the College.

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To actively involve teachers, students, alumna and ideological leaders inorganisational work of the College and to apply synergy produced 5 Slimming Foods this cooperation. To Burn XT Fat Burner Arvustused and apply the system of high-quality management.

To improve the system of the Collegemanagement specification of the Divisions in the Statute, responsibilities of the Division, completion ofprofessional regulations, creation of departments self-evaluation, the flow of information, salary regulation,and financing scheme state commission, co-financing of projects, bringing extra-budget money. To bringthem to clear principles, definition and the base of the long-term cooperation.

To create preconditionsfor employing new experienced teachers. To involve new teachers with degrees into teaching and scientificwork. In order to do this, it is necessary to find suitable teachers-candidates and support their professionallearning for obtaining a degree or continuing education, professional publication and participation ininternational conferences.

To provide teachers with more opportunities for applying informationaltechnology and new teaching methods; to offer them possibilities for self-education in this area. ACTIVITYExpanding areas of continuingeducation and retraining in the Collegeaccording to the development strategy ofthe County and the order of localemployers service, guide-service,translation, language instructors foradult learners, counselling, youth work,local government organisation, projectmanaging ; providing students withadditional studying opportunities.

Finding possibilities for financing thedevelopment and organisation oftraining courses.